Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photography Tips with Chase Jarvis

Great tips for exceptional photography:

1. Look at the scene without the camera - you’ll see more. Look for points of interest and visualize the shot.
2. Fantasize about the shot - what could I put into (or take out of) the shot to make it the best shot?
3. Try to do something that is unusual - look for ways to make things different that will make the photo move from a good photo to a great photo.

Chase Jarvis also goes on to talk about the ‘creative gap’ - the gab between what you want your shots to look like and what they actually look like. The goal is to narrow this gap as you learn and improve your photography. One way to close this creative gap is to take as many shots as you can. Not only that you need to put yourself in a place to take these great shots.

There’s plenty of other photography goodness in this video - Chase is a great photographer and worth taking a little time out to listen to.

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