Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. The Socratic method to great living (5 simple steps).
  2. Is the law professor gravy train over?
  3. Why Crhis Masse is going to switch from Windows to a Macintosh. Unless my next computer is some sort of tablet/netbook (like this one), I expect to get a Macintosh. I'm tired of all the time I have to spend maintaining my PC, the hang-ups and crashes, and the sluggishness of Vista. More than anything, I just want a computer that gets out of my way and lets me get my work (and play) done.
  4. Lower (and more realistic) presidential expectations. Related, here are some thoughts on setting Obama's bar.
  5. Another way to think of the liquidity trap.
  6. The Flight 1549 survivors escape to tell the tale.
  7. The case for small-government egalitarianism. "Economics has little say about how egalitarian society should be. That is a question for moral philosophers and the democratic process. However, economics does tell us to choose efficient means of redistribution, and cash transfers almost always involve less waste than the alternatives. Reducing the payroll tax not only avoids the problems inherent in trying to spend infrastructure money quickly, but it can also directly target aid to the poor, who need help more and will spend the cash more quickly. Now that’s the kind of small-government egalitarianism that would have appealed to Andrew Jackson."
  8. Uh-oh. The academic market is looking down for economics and finance profs.
  9. Asus netbooks to get HyperSpace instant-on operating system.
  10. Why we have cameras.
  11. Alex Tabarrok looks to get a power computer.
  12. Home prices may fall another 29% in 2009?

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