Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Are judges overpaid?
  2. If Obama should only read one article before assuming the Presidency, what should he have read? The Use of Knowledge in Society is not a bad choice and one that everyone ought to read.
  3. California finds public-works spending no unemployment cure-all.
  4. Eric Raymond on Hacking, Open Source, and the Cathedral and the Bazaar. A podcast with Russ Roberts.
  5. 19 states to sign on for a uniform bar exam? I'm all for each state keeping its individual legal system, but let's hope that number climbs to 50!
  6. How low can homes go? Try $0.
  7. Apartment market weakens further.
  8. Why the Kindle is better than books in winter weather. You can wear gloves and still turn the pages. Seems like it would be better than a book in windy weather too.
  9. The reality about 401(k)s: If you put your money into risky investments, sometimes it fares worse than if you put it into less risky options. That's one of the basics of investing and not something we need government to protect us from.
  10. A plan to jump-start economy with no instruction manual.
  11. Leave the New Deal in the history books. Cut corporate taxes to zero and create real jobs.
  12. The Mutliverse Theory: Science's alternative to an intelligent Creator? Read some related thoughts on the limitations of positivsm in science.

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