Monday, January 19, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Superuseless superpowers.
  2. 10 things science says will make you happy.
  3. Do we live in a hologram?
  4. A pilot becomes a hero years in the making.
  5. Protestant churchgoers no more loyal to their denomination than they are to brands of toothpaste?
  6. Lessons in True Wealth: "[T]rue wealth has nothing to do with money. True wealth is built from friends and family, from experiences and relationships — it is derived from a life filled with meaning. Without these things, money means nothing. Do me a favor this week, and spend some time with the people you love."
  7. The surprising power of rote cognition.
  8. How to catch the inauguration from anywhere.
  9. Visualization software makes viewing and interacting with enormous data sets practical without a supercomputer.
  10. The New York Times 8th annual review of the year in ideas. From two-tier teaching contracts to forensic dog poop analysis.
  11. The happiest time of the year?
  12. Empirical social networks research.

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