Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Finding your life purpose in 3 quick steps. Somehow I think it will take a little more than this, but it's still a useful exercise.
  2. The man who saved a billion lives. The amazing thing is you've probably never even heard of him.
  3. What happens when college cafeterias go trayless? "People buy less food and subsequently eat less and throw away less."
  4. The Netflix of college textbooks? What a great idea! I just checked and they have plenty of legal case books.
  5. Megan McArdles loves her slanket!
  6. A round-up of videos of the new Eee tablet netbooks. They should be out in March/April. I like!
  7. Psychological 'distance' is why we procrastinate.
  8. Trying to avoid a cold? Go back to bed. Heck -- I like that idea even when I'm feeling good!
  9. An imager 100 million times more powerful than traditional MRI could create 3-D images of viruses.
  10. Capitalist crisis becomes thriving business.
  11. Autism's False Prophets.
  12. The economy is not a machine.

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