Friday, January 09, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Data analylists captivated by R's power.
  2. Eight tips for dealing with criticism.
  3. How to fit an entire guest room into an end table.
  4. Playing Tetris wipes out bad memories? Does that mean video games are better than counseling? The catch is you need to play immediately after a traumatic event for it to work. Remind me to find a version for my smartphone.
  5. Two reviews of Leo Babuta's The Power of Less.
  6. The rules that Madoff's investors ignored.
  7. Declining Rents: "With investors buying low priced homes to rent (see previous post) and the economy in recession, guess what happens? More rental supply, less demand and falling rents ..."
  8. Palm announces a new smartphone... and their stock shoots up 34.85% in one day. See some videos demoing the new device here.
  9. Obama visits GMU.
  10. The full list of stuff white people like.
  11. 2008 port traffic lowest in four years.
  12. "The more we feel out of control, the more our brains imagine patterns that don't really exist."

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