Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Is Joe The Plumber?

(Photo via The New York Times)

A few thoughts on the presidential debate last night: I thought it was a good debate -- certainly much better than the last one. Obama seemed to be relatively reserved -- a good strategy since it's his race to lose. I thought McCain was much more cordial to Obama before and after the debate than last time.

Here's what Joe the Plumber thought.

Bottom Line: McCain needed to knock the debate way out of the ball park and didn't. Obama has won. (Actually, he did some time ago.)

Here's the latest electoral predictions from FiveThirtyEight:

And from Hubdub:

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thinking said...

The funny thing is that Joe is not a plumber, but a contractor. He has no plumbing license, which is required in his city.

In fact his real first name is Sam.

He makes about 40k a year which would mean he would come out ahead under Obama's tax cut rather than McCain's.

And the company he dreams of buying one day makes about 100k a year, and so if that dream comes true, again, he'll benefit more under the Obama plan.

Too funny.