Friday, October 03, 2008

Watching the Vice Presidential Debate

I just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate. I had class until 10 PM tonight, so had to watch a replay of the debate at midnight on CNN. I wanted to write my initial reactions before hearing what others thought.

Overall, I thought both Palin and Biden did well. Neither seemed to make any major errors or score any major points. I think a lot of people were fearing how Palin would do and I thought she went head-to-head with Biden and did much to redeem her earlier poor performances in interviews. Maybe she was just nervous after all?

I don't expect this debate to be a game-changer in any way. It will probably bring McCain up slightly in the polls and prediction markets by helping allay fears about Governor Palin.

One thing that impressed me was the civility both candidates had towards one another. It is something I wish McCain and Obama supporters did a better job of emulating.

Below is a round-up of a few more thoughts (gathered after writing the above):

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