Wednesday, October 08, 2008

University of Texas Launches Digital Textbook Trial

James Kendrick:
I am happy to hear that one of the major universities in my home state is going to get on the ebook bandwagon. The University of Texas will begin a test using digital ebooks in place of those expensive dead-tree versions. Students will pay $25 - $40 for the digital versions and download them to their computers for use.

There are so many advantages to going ebook for universities that students should be jumping for joy. This would be very useful for those students lucky enough to be using a Tablet PC. You could write notes right on the textbook pages. All of the textbook information should be searchable too. Yowza!

(via Ars Tecnica)

Lets hope other universities soon follow suit. I wonder who I need to talk to at GMU to sign-up for a beta test? My back would be forever grateful. So would my bookshelf.

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Shawn said...

...still not worth the effort until a pdf-reading kindle/PL reader is available...