Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Shots of the Kindle 2.0?

Boy Genius has what are purported to be the first shots of the Kindle 2.0. (See his photo gallery here.) Overall, the design looks more rounded, a non-split keyboard, and... larger??? That's a disappointing surprise. I would have expected Amazon to have hired new designers to make the device smaller and more streamlined. It also looks like they've replaced the scroll-wheel with the much-loved navigation pane on the right with a joystick -- another surprising move. If initial speculation is correct, Amazon also eliminated the SD card slot and the removable battery. Two more strange moves.

I hope this is not the actual unit or that there will be a major software upgrade to go along with it. (Amazon, please include the ability to read PDF files.) Overall, this is a bit of a disappointment to see. I wish Amazon would take a design class from Sony or Apple. Currently Amazon wins the function wars of eBook readers, but Sony is winning on form.

As I mentioned earlier, I am out visiting family this weekend and so haven't been blogging much. This gave Ali a chance to scoop me on this story, despite a reader linking to this in a comment on my Sony Reader post on Friday.


thinking said...

Boy Genius has an impeccable track record when it comes to rumors of new devices...I'd say his accuracy is above 95%.

So the odds are that this is the new design for the Kindle.

I agree...I expected more. I'm not even sure this is an improvement on the current model. Maybe Amazon leaked this to spur sales of the current unit :)

Ali Hasanain said...

A scoop is a scoop. Comments don't count =P