Monday, October 20, 2008

First Impressions of the New 13-Inch MacBook

James Kendrick gives his first impressions. Bottom line? He likes it:
The new 13-inch aluminum MacBook from Apple certainly looks like the MacBook Pro line, albeit much smaller due to the smaller screen. It sports the same unibody aluminum case that Apple is so proud of and admittedly it makes the MacBook seem more rigid while handling it than the older MacBooks. The construction definitely makes the new MacBook appear very thin, if a tad heavy at 4.5 pounds. It's a svelte 4.5 pounds though and carrying it around so far has been very easy.

The MacBook closed looks almost seamless, all sleek metal with soft round edges. It looks like it's been sculpted from a single block of aluminum, oh wait that's how they make them now. I've only had this MacBook for barely a day but it's been used almost continually for that time so here are my first impressions of the "MacBook lite"...

It has only been a short while but so far I am definitely pleased with the MacBook. I think it is a good alternative to spending much more money for the bigger MacBook Pro while offering almost everything by way of performance that the expensive one provides. I do wish this had a Firewire port so I could use it with my camera and I am afraid all of those ports being so close together will end up making it hard, if not impossible, to hook up a lot of peripherals. It would have been better if those could have been spread out more and some of them moved to the opposite side perhaps. I am definitely finding this MacBook to have been worth the money.
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