Friday, October 17, 2008

The Daily Dozen

  1. Paul Krugman on... Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize.
  2. 99 Windows Vista performance tips and tweaks..
  3. What your organizational habits have to say about your politics.
  4. House prices still far from bottom.
  5. Manage your network better with Network Magic 5.0.
  6. HP to launch touchscreen laptop and 10-inch netbook by year's end. Looks like Asus might be getting into the game too.
  7. An Urban Village: What makes the Clarendon-Wilson corridor in Arlington, VA one of the great streets in America. (I love the fact it's walking distance from my home.)
  8. Couch Camping: The Next Big Thing?
  9. Why you shouldn't practice law in Russia: Human rights lawyer misses pretrial motions after poisoned by toxic mercury pellets found in her car.
  10. Tech terms to avoid.
  11. How economic theory helps understand how information flows through the brain.
  12. The top ten blogs to read during the banking crisis.

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