Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Daily Dozen

  1. David Pogue with a list of useful tech tips for the basic computer user.
  2. A sad video about Turkey's headscarf ban. Turkish women are banned from schools and government positions for wearing the headscarf. Incredibly sad. Read more on this here.
  3. Everything you need to know about the financial crisis.
  4. Top 5 uses for obsolete computers.
  5. Rerouting electrical signals around damaged nerves may one day help treat paralysis.
  6. Farewell to firewire?
  7. Faces of world poverty: 20 arresting photographs.
  8. Using egg beaters to help save lives.
  9. Internet use is good for the brain!
  10. Carbon nanotubes, Spider-man, and geckos.
  11. The best phone for international travel?
  12. FTC v. DOJ on Section 2: Just different priors?

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