Thursday, October 09, 2008

Apple To Sell $800 Laptop?

This sounds like very good news:
The Inquisitor is running an exclusive story today claiming Apple is preparing their retail stores for selling an $800 laptop. The article claims that the notebook line will cover models ranging from a new low price of $800 up to $3,100. This low priced notebook (for Apple) may have to do with the reported Apple "brick" manufacturing process that supposedly can produce much cheaper notebooks for Apple.
Kevin Tofel thinks Apple will come out with a netbook. I hope he's right!

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thinking said...

We need Apple to announce some new products just to jump start the economy :)

If Apple delivers at this price point, it will be great for sales.

I do hope Apple does come out with a netbook, but I just don't believe it will happen at this event. All signs point to cheaper laptops.

I think Apple will want to tap into that market first, rather than lower their profit margins even further with a netbook.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple comes out with a netbook sometime next year.

As another thought, in some sense the iPhone functions as a netbook for many. For a portable device for web browsing and email, the iPhone isn't so bad.

I know if I were traveling and wanted a device purely for the web and email, I really wouldn't need much more than an iPhone.