Tuesday, October 14, 2008

43 Seconds With Sony's PRS-700 eBook Reader

Gear Diary gives their initial impressions:
This thing is thin. The Amazon Kindle trounces it in the wireless department (you’ll need a cable and a Windows XP or better machine to load books to the Sony) and the Kindle is $40 cheaper than Sony and has books for $2 less. Did I mention this Sony is thin and stylish? Having used the Kindle’s electronic delivery, I wouldn’t buy another reader without it. Add in some wireless to the Sony, and I’m in!
While I love the size of the Sony, I agree -- I would only buy a Kindle at this point to get the cellular connectivity. If a manufacturer would come out with a cellular equipped eBook that can read PDF files with decent resolution (1024 x 768 and 16-color greyscale?), they'd have my business in a heartbeat. I wish Amazon would market both their digital books and wireless business model to other manufacturers of eBook readers like Sony and really get some innovation going.

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thinking said...

It's amazing how no one vendor seems to combine all the great features in 1 device.

It should be so simple...all any company designers need to do is read a few blogs and you'll see what people want.

They want the wireless store, attractive styling, and for some, a pdf reader.

It shouldn't be that hard.

And to make the same point that's been made over and over again: why can't Amazon hire some decent industrial designers? Wrap the guts of the Kindle in a better shell and you'd have a real winner.

BTW, it's interesting but I read somewhere that the iPhone is now the most popular eBook reader.