Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Simple Tweaks To Improve Vista

James Kendrick with some excellent advice for tweaking Vista:
Improving the performance of Vista, particularly on older equipment or portable computers, is always being discussed. There are many guides that cover how to do this, usually by turning Vista services off or disabling functions of the OS. Infoworld recently published an excellent short guide detailing Twelve unnecessary Vista features to disable that is a great place to start and easy to do even for newbies. Some of the features they recommend disabling are common sense items like the Sidebar and Aero interface both of which have a pretty good hit on system resources and thus slow many systems down. A couple of the features they recommend disabling are Internet printing and remote access, both of which most people do not use. I disabled both of these on one of my notebooks and it is performing a little better. Hit up the article and see if you can tweak your Vista system to give better performance. Microsoft acknowledges that Vista often needs to be optimized on some systems and have published their own tuning guide which may help too.

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