Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Barracuda Hits A Home Run

I just saw Sarah Palin's speech tonight -- her first to a national audience. By almost any standards, she performed brilliantly. She came across particularly well when talking about small towns, family, and the military -- issues very close to the hearts of many Americans.

I'm not the only one who thought she did well:

The New York Times:
Palin Defies Critics and Electrifies Party
Tom Brokaw:
She couldn’t have had a more auspicious debut.
Orin Kerr:
I thought Palin was a natural tonight: She was as good as Obama can be, and I think that's pretty damn good.
The New Republic:
Several moderate-Democrat friends of mine have been emailing--few if any would ever vote for McCain--but all agree that Palin was very strong. The more liberal among them are a little panicked.
Glenn Reynolds has more.

Ezra Klein was less impressed.

You can watch her speech here and judge for yourself.


Jason B. said...

[does cute nose-wrinkle thing] But who wants to listen to an over-educated law student blogging about his "lifelong quest"?

(I hope my Palin-style 'tude comes across. It can be difficult to express sarcasm in text!)

Eva Ravenwood said...

All she did, was what Republicans do. She talked about things in idiotic quips and one-liners, and she lied. That nonsense about John McCain saying the same thing all the time, is typical Republic nonsense that got us Bush and the search for weapons of mass destruction. If people are insane enough to believe her or McCain because of their prejudices, we will have another administration with something far WORSE than Bush. Vote fear, and you get more of it. Take a look and see how consistent McCain is: What a joke!

Then take a look at the drugs McCain takes and their side effects. How he is allowed to run at all is a mystery! The man is ill, has an altered state from drugs, and might well die in office. Vote for this idiot and his wolf killing from the air inexperienced sidekick, and Bush will look like a walk in the park.

I was amazed that there are so many shortsighted people at that convention. Are Americans really, truly this stupid, to be in the throes of an insane administration and vote in another one even worse? Good grief! Let us hope that God will intervene.

thinking said...

The rhetoric was standard Republican boiler plate.

I was particularly offended by the attacks on the idea of "community organizers" as if community organizers had nothing to offer.

Ironically, Palin is all that McCain accuses Obama of being: showy without substance, an empty celebrity.

But regardless of her "peformance" and that's all it was, McCain's and hers policies are still bad for the country.

Palin plays well to certain elements of the Republican base but that is all. Outside of that she is a dud.

thinking said...

I would also say that Palin repeated her lie about opposing the now infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" project.

She actually campaigned for governor on supporting that project, and when the project was killed, still took the money and began building a "road to nowhere."

As Mayor of Wasilla, she hired a lobbying firm and was the queen of pork projects.

So Palin is showing very well her skill at being a very typical politician: lying and attacking the opponent.