Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama's Up By A Wide Margin

(Hubdub has to have the best representation yet of how the candidates are doing in each of the various states. Follow this link to see a chart that tells you at a glance how they compare in each state.)

Looks like all the bad news about the economy has boosted Obama's chances of winning the presidency. This makes sense as, like Bush last night, Obama's been talking for a long time about how bad things are in the economy. Since the condition of the economy is partially driven by people's perceptions and expectations, doesn't that give both politicians some culpability for making things worse?

I'm not saying politicians should ignore problems in the economy, but they could be much more hopeful in their pronouncements. Unfortunately, instead of saying:
"Things may seem a little tough right now, but our economy is fundamentally strong, Americans are hard workers, and like every other challenge America has faced in the past, we will rise above this and get through it together."
Instead, they are saying some form of:
"Without me, you are doomed. It is only by giving me more power will you be saved. You can do nothing to stop this. Only the government can save you."
Take note of who the focus in on.

P.S. -- Ronald Reagan shows us how it should be done:


thinking said...

Reagan certainly had his strengths, but the Republicans cannot look back to Reagan for all solutions.

Reagan wasn't perfect, and even what worked in his time would not necessarily work today in this context.

The economy is not fundamentally sound; that is incorrect. There are massive problems in the credit markets that have little historical precedent.

Sure we'll get through this; Obama always mentions that in some form or another.

But all institutions have a role to play, even govt. It's incorrect to think that we can just go about business as usual and somehow this whole problem will go away.

Now I agree that govt needs to be smart, and it can make wrong moves. But one needs a balanced approach...not too much or too little govt.

thinking said...

When Reagan took over, there was too much govt directed in the wrong directions, and Democrats were a kind of empty party always looking backwards to FDR, as if what worked then would always work.

Now it's like 1980 in reverse. There has been neglect of good governance, and Republicans are an empty party always looking backwards to Reagan, as if what worked then would always work.

Now, as in 1980 we need to move forward, but in this case to restore balance in the opposite direction.

I will also say that Obama is like Reagan in being an incredibly inspirational orator, and in fact surpasses Reagan.

Brian Hollar said...

Obama can sometimes give a good speech, but he is no Ronald Reagan.