Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is Obama Losing His Luster?

Yesterday morning, the New York Times had an article discussing how Obama may have made a mistake in passing up public financing for his campaign. There are questions whether or not he can maintain the fund-raising momentum he's enjoyed up til now and that Hilary supporters are not getting behind him the way his campaign expected. He is now probably going to have to spend valuable time doing fund-raising rather than spending it campaigning like his opponent is doing.

To make matters worse, he made a statement about putting "lipstick on a pig", which many have assumed he meant to be referring to Palin's comments about "the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick". While I don't think Obama intended this comparison, judging by the reaction of this crowd, many of his supporters thought he was.

Even if the comparison wasn't intended, it was a bit of a gaffe to use that expression after Palin's speech.

Glen Reynolds has a round-up of other reactions. Jim Lindgren has more thoughts.

In all fairness to Senator Obama, McCain has used the expression too.

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thinking said...

First, it's always good to remember that in this election cycle, many times the pundits have been wrong.

Remember, last year they were predicting a Hillary vs Rudy contest.

I remember last month where there was some rumor about Obama raising "only" about 30 million or so, and he went on to raise a bit over 50 million.

So who knows?

As for the lipstick on a pig comment, that's symbolic of what's wrong with McCain's campaign.

It's false outrage; as noted, McCain has used this phrase many times, including when talking about Hillary Clinton.

As for Palin, she is not off limits to criticism. As many said about Hillary, if she wants to stay in the kitchen she has to be able to stand the heat.

I find it so ironic that the Republicans, who have verbally crucified Hillary Clinton all these years have now this false sensitivity towards Palin.

As for Gov Palin herself, she proves more and more to be an utter liar on the campaign trail, and wants to dodge the issues just like McCain does.