Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Irresponsible Politicians

First Bush goes on TV and tells Americans that if the bailout isn't passed, the economy and life as you know it is doomed. Then Nancy Pelosi goes on a partisan rant just before the vote, guaranteeing the bailout bill doesn't pass:

Megan McArdle and David Bernstein share their thoughts.

Here is a breakdown of how Representatives from across the country voted. The finally tally was 205 for, 208 against. Those whose seats are most vulnerable voted 'no'.


thinking said...

It's not accurate to blame the Republican "no" votes on Pelosi's rant.

Granted, she should have spoken in a more effective way.

But, one, we know that the Republicans who voted against this measure were already set against it for far deeper political reasons than Pelosi's speech.

Two, if any representative voted against this bill because Pelosi damaged their egos, then they are not fit to be in Congress.

Let's face it...this issue is very crucial to the country. It strains the imagination that anyone's judgement would tell them to vote for this bill, but then back away because their feelings were hurt by Pelosi.

Again, if that's true, then the GOP is in even worse shape.

But ultimately, it's dishonest for Republicans to blame this on Pelosi.

thinking said...

I challenge any Republican Congressman to go on record and state the Pelosi's speech was what determined their vote. Maybe they can say something like this:
"I know that America needs this bailout to keep the economy from tanking, but I am so mad at Pelosi that I just have to vote no to spite her. That's more important to me than the economy or American workers or their families. Take that Nancy!"

Already some Republicans are walking back their claim that it was Pelosi's speech that turned them around.

Rep Thaddeus McCotter of Mississippi:
"I think it was a mistake for House leadership to say that Pelosi’s speech mattered to anybody on our side."

"Because we yell at each other like this all the time."

Brian Hollar said...

Thinking, if you don't believe the Pelosi speech affected the vote, I don't think you understand how Washington works...