Friday, September 19, 2008

iRex Announcing A New E-Reader On Monday

Sony is announcing something new about their e-Reader on October 2nd, but it looks like iRex is going to be them to the punch:
All we have right now is an ominous, glowing shape that might represent an e-reader of some sort and the promise (threat?) that "Seeing Is Believing." Following on the heels of Sony's vague e-book announcement, it seems that the folks at iRex also have something big planned. Sony will be keeping quiet until October 2, but over at iRex the bomb drops Monday.
With other readers like Plastic Logic's also on the way, this can means some intense competition is heating up in the e-Reader market. That can only mean lower prices and better features for consumers coming very soon. This is bound to put pressure on Amazon to update the Kindle. I can't wait to see the Kindle 2.0.

More thoughts here.

P.S. -- Details begin to emerge:
[T]he new iRex Reader 1000 will feature a big 10.2 inch screen rather than the current 8.1 inches.

The new reader, as reported in Forbes, will read a variety of formats ranging from PDF to HTML and sell for $650 and up.

With WiFi, BlueTooth and a 3G cell link, as well as the ability to take notes, the price will be $850.

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thinking said...

The only problem I can see with the iRex is the price: $650 to $850 will get you a laptop.

I think in order these ebook readers to be successful, they must be seen as significantly cheaper than laptops, and lighter and easier to carry.