Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Introducing Google Chrome

I just downloaded Google's new Chrome web browser.  I didn't even know they were coming out with one.  I haven't had time to give it a full try-out yet, but it seems very, very fast.  It also lets you drag tabs from one window to another.

I'll try to share some more impressions soon.  In the meantime, you can read more about here, here, and here.   Or better yet, download it yourself directly from Google's website.


Shawn said...

speed tests on lifehacker

Jeff said...

I dunno if it's faster than Safari. Most of the cool features in Chrome that I wanted to try are already in Safari, which I've been using for the past 6 months. Solid browser. Fast. And when it crashes, you can recover every single tab that crashed. I'll happily try chrome when it comes out, but the UI looks a little more gimmicky than the sleak Safari.

Which also runs great on Windows. You might give it a try, Brian.