Tuesday, September 23, 2008

'I wanted a child more than a man'

A growing trend of women in the UK opting to have children by artificial insemination in their early thirties. Apparently they want a child more than a man:
In many ways it is an extraordinary decision to use donor sperm in your early 30s because you are fed up waiting for a partner. Some campaigners argue that choice mothers are wrongfully depriving their children of a father. But many women in this position think long and hard about this aspect of their decision and often line up a host of male role models in advance. Gwyneth says of 10-year-old Helen: "I think there are some children who grow up perfectly well without male role models - and she has got my father, my brother and my nephew."
Dr. Helen writes:
The more our society pushes the radical feminist agenda that men are bad, irresponsible, or just not available, the more likely it is to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. In many ways, it already is, men are avoiding marriage and relationships and are finding other satisfying ways of living their lives. Women believe that there is no guy out there for them or they think of men as bad or irresponsible--which pushes them away further. Some guys will not even try to satisfy women who they feel they can never measure up to, or live up to their high expectations. In this rush to kick men out of family life and reward single motherhood (unless one has a Republican mother), I wonder what the repercussions will be on the next generation?
Good question.

I have many friends who are single parents (none of them by choice). I hold in high regard single-parents who lovingly raise their children by themselves when they find themselves alone through circumstances beyond their control-- such as divorce or death of a spouse. What I find difficult to imagine is someone intentionally choosing that circumstance for their child.

So does this mean husbands are an inferior good?

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