Monday, September 22, 2008

Google's Android Unveiled Tomorrow

Google Android to be unveiled tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM Eastern. (The phone, not the robot.) Here's what is known about the phone so far:
Here's a list of Android's 10 most exciting apps. It looks like this could really give the iPhone a run for its money. It also looks like Amazon will offer music and movie downloads to the phone. (You can buy music, but not videos on the iPhone.)

It will be very interesting to see what tomorrow brings.


thinking said...

We literally are seeing the long dreamt-of world of pocket computing being born before our very eyes.

Apple jump started this whole thing by fooling the world into thinking a pocket Mac was really a cell phone.

Now Google takes a shot. Competition is great and it will be cool to see this phone.

However, I wonder if they will be able to replicate the polish and usability of the Apple interface.

I also wonder if HTC will be able to make hardware that is as classy and impressive as Apple.

Also, the network the device is making its US debut on -- T Mobile -- is not nearly as large as ATT. Moreover, its 3G footprint is tiny right now, and 3G is almost essential for some of the more advanced apps to really shine.

That being said, the open source nature of the software could really make this thing take off.

However, it could also make for a less consistent user experience.

In some sense, it seems Google is trying to be to the mobile world what Microsoft is and was to personal computers: the operating system for all makes and models.

It's the open system vs closed system debate all over again: the closed system making for the best user experience, but the open system offering more options.

Red Eyes said...

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