Thursday, September 04, 2008

Comparing The VP Candidate's Speeches

A textual comparison:
Vice president candidate Joe Biden’s speech last week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver:

Vice president candidate Sarah Palin’s speech tonight at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis:

(HT Chicago Sun-Times)


thinking said...

What has been striking so far is to look at the RNC and see nothing but white people.

The DNC by contrast was a picture of diversity.

It is clearly the GOP strategy to portray the opposition, no matter who it is, as unpatriotic, un-American, and strange. That's rather ill.

In fact it's rather chilling to see nothing but a bunch of white people all waving signs that say "Country First."

lewis said...
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lewis said...

I didn't see a lot of diversity at the DNC. All I saw was a bunch of looters. Well, okay, there were black looters, women looters, hispanic looters, union looters, elected looters, looting lawyers, etc.


I've also posted word clouds for McCain's speech and Obama's speech.