Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Trip to the Library

I just took my Antitrust exam this past Monday and am looking forward to a month off from classes and the ability to read for pleasure for a change. I just got back from the Arlington library and picked up a random assortment of books:
  1. The Partner by John Grisham
  2. small is the new big by Seth Godin
  3. The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios
  4. The Competitive Advantage of Common Sense by Fergus O'Connell
I'd like to get some more fiction to read over the next month. Does anyone have any good recommendations?


Juris Naturalist said...

If you have not read them yet, try Lois Lowery's series which starts with The Giver, goes on the Finding Blue, and ends with The Messanger. They are kids books, written for about the 6th grade level or so, but they are fascinating, and insightful.

Triya said...

Harry Potter :D