Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Tribute to Tony Snow

Tony Snow, RIP:
It has been said that Snow's finest public hour came as we watched him struggle with the colon cancer that ultimately took his life. Despite the pressures of his job, the difficulties of serving an increasingly unpopular wartime president, and the terrible agonies that accompanied his illness, Snow never lost his good humor, grace, or humility under fire.

He was the rare kind of man who inspired those most troubling of questions - why him and why now? Those were especially poignant questions for the legions of colleagues and friends who knew something of the personal side of Tony Snow, including his many kindnesses, his encouragement, his passion for his music, and, most of all, his love for his family and his God.

And when he passed from our midst, all agreed that he made his greatest mark as a private man -- as a faithful husband and loving father, as a true friend and as a good man. Our prayers are with his wife and children.
More on Tony Snow here.

(HT Glenn Reynolds)

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