Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prtable Super Multi Drive

This sounds interesting:
Responding to the ever-increasing number of netbooks and tablets without a dedicated media drive, AMEX Digital released their latest go-anywhere DVD-R/W on July 8th. The new PD-K06e supports writing to DVD-R/+R in both single and dual layers, DVD-RW/+RW as well as all CD-R/RW media. The $89 list price is extremely affordable for a very compact and capable drive that is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. Keeping in line with the mobile market, the PD-K06e is powered by the USB Bus, making it easy to just slip the drive in your gear bag. Don't let the white drive in the picture scare you off, the drive also comes in black.
My Tablet PC doesn't have a built-in DVD-drive. I currently have to hook it up to an expansion base to get access to one. (It's not very portable.) What I like about this drive is that it could be used with any future system I might buy. I wonder how compatible it would be with many of the Netbooks that are coming out? (Probably compatible if they run XP, but not if they run Linux.)

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