Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Lab On A Chip" Coming Soon

This sounds promising:
A portable chip that detects everything from food-borne diseases, pathogens and pollution in water, to AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, drug-abuse, and flu in humans in a little over an hour, is set to be commercially released in no more than three years, experts say.

The OptoLabCard European Union-based project, uses a device otherwise known as a “lab-on-a-chip,” making it possible to perform full size laboratory tests on site. The chip, lined with a negative thick photoresist, is more than just cost and time effective.

“The uses for these devices are almost endless…….and the market is huge” said Jesus M. Ruano-Lopez who is the coordinator of the OptoLabCard Project in Spain at Ikerlan-IK4.

Sensors, fluid channels and optical components are all condensed into one chip, which are then used for testing.
The potential uses for this for both healthcare and public health are truly astounding! Did I ever mention I love technology?

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