Friday, July 11, 2008

China Wants 100 Westinghouse Nuclear Reactors By 2020

China looking to do business with my former employer:
China wants to have 100 of Westinghouse Electric Co.'s nuclear reactors in operation or under construction by 2020 -- more than double what was anticipated. The Westinghouse AP1000 are being scaled up to 1700 MW and some of the ones already being built for China are 1250MW designs, which will be followed by 1400MW designs and then the 1700MW versions. If China follows through on these and other nuclear plans they should have 200GW of nuclear power completed by 2025. This would be double what the USA has now.
Instapundit wonders if China isn't doing what we should be doing? Actually, if recent trends continue, we might be there too:
If you hang on the right you are well aware of old jokes about the personal transformation to conservativism. "A conservative is a liberal who... (1) has to meet a payroll, (2) has been held up..." and so forth. Well, at least on the question of drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas, a conservative is a liberal who wants cheaper gasoline. The Pew Center's latest survey reveals that it is self-identified liberals who have most changed their attitude about drilling. Indeed, a slightly higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans now say that more energy production is important.

This is a handy bit of information to know. It is not that liberals are opposed to new energy production, they just demand a higher clearing price. The question is whether they understand that raising the cost of capital (through, for example, the imposition of a windfall profits tax) will prevent new exploration rather than promote it?

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thinking said...

With regards to that poll, the poll shows somewhat conflicting data and presents a somewhat different picture. Indeed, the headline on Pew's own website reads "Public Sends Mixed Signals on Energy Policy."

According to Pew on their own poll, which is more reliable than the "Tigerhawk" blog,

"A majority of Americans say that developing new sources of energy, rather than protecting the environment, is the more important priority for the country. However, when asked specifically about energy policy priorities, 55% favor more conservation and regulation of energy, compared with 35% who support expanded energy exploration."

"As in recent years, specific policies that address both energy and the environment draw overwhelming support. Nine-in-ten Americans favor requiring better auto fuel efficiency standards, while substantial majorities also support increased federal funding for alternative energy (81%) and mass transportation (72%)."

Therefore, I would say this Pew study rather validates moreso the position of the Democratic party and its candidate moreso than anything else.

Perhaps the "Tigerhawk" blog should add that some conservatives are good at distorting the true data.