Monday, June 30, 2008

Is Your Law Practice Slowing Down?

If you're in law school or thinking about going, here is an interesting chart showing what areas of law currently seem to be slowing down and what areas are still seeing a lot of business. Something to think about going into fall recruiting next year and if you are thinking of choosing a field of specialization. (Unsurprisingly, bankruptcy lawyers are currently in high demand and real estate lawyers are not.)
Breakdown by Practice: Is Business Slow?

Yes, and I won't make my hours.Yes, but I'll make my hours.It's slow for some people at the firm, but not for me.No, I'm doing fine.No! We need to hire people!
Real Estate & Structured Finance50.53%11.58%13.68%12.63%11.58%
Bankruptcy & Restructuring9.52%19.05%9.52%9.52%52.38%
Other Transactional43.78%13.65%10.84%15.66%16.06%

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