Friday, May 02, 2008

How Times Have Changed

I came across many quotes by America's Founding Fathers like this one while studying for my Founders' Constitution final:
"You are not to expect a perfect form of government, any more than to meet with perfection in man." -- Brutus, The Anti-Federalist
Contrast that with quotes from politicians today:
"I am going to sue OPEC because the cost of oil is too high. I'm also going to fix American healthcare. I can do it because I'm a fighter and because I care." -- Hillary Clinton
If only we had a few "fighters" around after the American Revolution, we wouldn't have any problems in the world today...

Watch this video for more:

Clinton and McCain, Bill O'Reilly ought to read a little more Dilbert too.

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thinking said...

To make Hillary's comment even worse, it turns out that her mechanism to sue OPEC does not even exist...quoting Chuck Todd from MSNBC's First Read:
During her Bill O'Reilly interview and in a press release issued earlier this week, Clinton pledged to use the WTO as a way to pressure OPEC nations on the price of oil. But the WTO explicitly exempts energy and there are some who argue that if WTO did get involved in energy, it would only benefit the major oil companies. Bottom line, it's not clear Clinton is dealing in reality on this issue since there really isn't a legal process to use the WTO to attack OPEC, but it sure sounds good, right? O'Reilly never followed up with her on this issue, perhaps he didn't know about the energy exemption in the WTO. No doubt Clinton will have to answer for this the next time she's grilled on this inconsistency. Folks who really understand this issue expressed concern that Clinton so easily talked about this as a viable option when it is apparently not."