Friday, May 02, 2008

Does Working For A Law Firm Make You Fat?

It sure looks that way:
We received over 1,600 responses to yesterday's ATL / Lateral Link survey on your law firm weight gain. Overall, you've gained a ton. Or more... two thirds of you who are currently practicing law have gained weight:

* 13.78% of respondents gained 1 to 5 pounds.
* 13.36% of respondents gained 6 to 10 pounds.
* 14.13% of respondents gained 11 to 15 pounds.
* 6.78% of respondents gained 16 to 20 pounds.
* 6.71% of respondents gained 21 to 25 pounds.
* 4.59% of respondents gained 26 to 30 pounds.
* 7.35% of respondents -- and roughly a fifth of respondents who graduated in 2002 or earlier -- gained more than 30 pounds.

Just under 12% of you stayed the same. And a fifth of you reported that you lost weight.

Law school also has that effect to a lesser degree:

Law students fared better, but still not that well, with roughly 55% gaining weight, and just under a third losing weight. Law students were just about as likely as practicing attorneys to gain 15 or fewer pounds, but a bit less likely to gain more, and a bit more likely to lose 15 or fewer pounds. Clearly, there's room for more recruiting lunches.

Why do I suddenly feel a case of the munchies coming on?

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