Thursday, April 24, 2008

Studying With My Neo


I decided to study Contracts outside for a few hours today. I discovered my Neo works great for taking notes from a book propped up with a bookstand. Not only that, but the Neo's display is much easier to read outside than my laptop's.

When I was done taking notes, I beamed them over to my Treo and then e-mailed them to myself -- giving me back-ups of my notes on my Treo, online in my GMail account, and on my PC. How cool is that?

-- I got my Neo two weeks ago today. I've used it extensively during this time and the battery level is still at 95%!

P.P.S. -- I took this photo with the camera on my Treo. See 10 cameraphone photos that rock and 12 tips for taking bettter pictures with your cameraphone.

1 comment:

Ari said...

I'm curious, what is that sleek book-holder you're using?
It looks foldable?
Wow, as a student, that looks pretty sweet.
Where can I order one?