Friday, April 11, 2008

New ThinkPads Are Coming Soon

Good news from Lenovo:
The most interesting news is that the popular X300 will get three new siblings: the 12-inch X200, the 14.1-inch X400 and the 15.4-inch X500 (all featuring 45nm Penryn processors). Now road warriors can buy an ultra-thin laptop with any display size they prefer. The X-series will also feature HSDPA and EVDO, 25% improved battery life, and 6MB L2 cache. That's enough to make even non-ThinkPad fanboys jealous.
The 12" model with the ultraslim form factor is going to make frequent travelers especially happy. Now if only they'd make a tablet version of that.

Lenovo is doing what many hope Apple will do with their MacBook Air -- giving consumers the option of a smaller size. Particularly with slim laptops, people like something that's easy to carry around. The recent success of mini-laptops is a good indicator of this.

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If this news gets you drooling, here's some tips for selling your old laptop.

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