Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Year Of Legal Writing - DONE!

I just submitted my last assignment this year for my legal writing class -- by far my least favorite course in law school. (I like our prof, but think our workload is far too heavy for the credits we get for the course.) That means one class is now done for the semester. Only four more left to go!

This assignment was due by 7:15 PM tonight by electronic submission. Not 3 minutes after turning it in (at ~ 7:05), my wireless connection went down. Fortunately, I was able to verify my assignment got through on my Treo and am now typing up this post on my new AlphaSmart Neo.

(Hmm... now it looks like my computer is crashing too. If that had happened five minutes earlier, I would have been sunk!)

Unfortunately, I continue my lifelong struggle with procrastination and ended up with a typical photo finish on this assignment. For some reason, PhD students seem to struggle with procrastination far more than law students do. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am enrolled in both programs now and learned proper PhD habits before starting law school...

I am elated to be done with this assignment and with this class.

Next target, Contracts!!! (One week from today.)

P.S. -- I uploaded this post with my Treo/Neo combination and just rebooted my PC. Everything seems to be working normally again. I am so thankful those problems didn't occur until after my assignment was due.

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