Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Mac vs. PC

The Mac wins -- both for laptops and desktops. One of the starkest contrasts between the two machines was the start-up and shut-down times of comparable systems (particularly the shut-down times):

Mac Desktop
Start-up: 28.7 sec.
Shut-down: 4.0 sec.

PC Desktop
Start-up: 1 min. 13 sec.
Shut-down: 44.3 sec.

Mac Laptop
Start-up: 41.6 sec.
Shut-down: 3.9 sec.

PC Laptop
Start-up: 1 min. 51sec.
Shut-down: 25.4 sec.

Unless I was buying a tablet PC or a mini-PC, I would almost certainly buy a Mac over a PC if I was buying a new computer today. Not only are they faster, but they look better too!

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