Wednesday, March 05, 2008

She's Alive!

(I couldn't resist copying Drudge's photo and headline.)

Will Clinton be comeback kid?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Senator Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday, ending a string of defeats and allowing her to soldier on in a Democratic presidential nomination race that now seems unlikely to end any time soon.

Mrs. Clinton also won Rhode Island, while Mr. Obama won in Vermont. But the results mean that Mrs. Clinton won the two states she most needed to keep her candidacy alive.

Her victory in Texas was razor thin and came only after most Americans had gone to bed. But by winning decisively in Ohio earlier in the evening, Mrs. Clinton was able to deliver a televised victory speech in time for the late-night news. And the result there allowed her to cast Tuesday as the beginning of a comeback even though she stood a good chance of gaining no ground against Mr. Obama in the hunt for delegates.

It looks like she is not out of the running yet. The latest delegate count has her with 1,423 and Obama with 1,512. I think this election season just took one more unexpected turn. Something tells me the mud is going to start flying in the Democratic race.

On the Republican side, McCain clinches the nomination and Huckabee drops out.

It's 3 AM
and I should be asleep! Or should I?


alohasteve said...

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b said...

I admit, the primaries have gone pretty far... in effect "dividing" the party. But you have to consider the end result... the best person will be the nominee.

I think everyone is underestimating Clinton... still. Statistically, she's tied with McCain in the general election polls BUT general election campaigning hasn't really started yet, except for a few weak jabs from McCain. If Hillary is anything like she has been these past two weeks, she'll show McCain that "hell hath no fury..." and unleash more political Metamucil than McCain can swallow. That's what I call a "Clintonian Comeback." McCain is trying to look different than Bush, but has come full swing only to imitate him. This country is sick of Bush, just look at his approval ratings! They're the lowest on record!

Take these facts and think about it. Did Hillary influence Bill? Most definitely. Will the reverse be true if she sits in the White House? I'm sure of it. Just Briefly, a quote from Bill Clinton:
You're getting two presidents "for the price of one" These are the things that happen when a Clinton is in office:

Considering the economy, Just look at how it was when Bill left office?

A balanced Budget, Surpluses, a strong dollar, unemployment was way down, excellent trade deals, the longest boom in U S HISTORY. Compare that to our economy now, this is what Hillary could potentially do.

As for winning a general election:

Clinton left office with a 65% approval rating, the highest end-of-presidency rating of any President who came into office after World War II.

"Many Democrats who had supported Ronald Reagan and Bush in previous elections switched their allegiance to Bill Clinton."

He unseated a victorious War Time president.

Clinton's not hard on terrorism or Iraq? Look up Operation Dessert Fox!!

Clinton's election ended an era in which the Republican Party had controlled the White House for 12 consecutive years, and for 20 of the previous 24 years.
Sound Familiar?

Bill Clinton did a lot for this country. Was there a scandal? yes. But I would rather have a sex scandal than a Halliburton/funnel money into my company scandal. Why do Republicans refuse to take responsibility for Bush's crimes? The want to criticize Democrats constantly... "What are the accomplishments?" ok...


Thank you and thank Wikipedia for the direct quotes.

thinking said...

Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for this country. The Clintons are easily the most corrupt, vicious politicians of our generation.

Hillary in the White House would rip this country apart. If a crisis would arise, the country would never unite, because at least half the country hates her.

As to Bill's tenure as president, his record, and hers, is one of endless scandal, corruption, and lies. Yes, character matters, and it goes far beyond Bill and his womanizing.

He failed miserably on national security and terrorism. He allowed several terrorist attacks against US interests to go unanswered. North Korea cheated on a deal made with him. He failed in his handling of Iraq.

On the economy, he was forced a Republican Congress to go along with their pro-growth policies, even though he initially opposed them. He also was fortunate enough to inherit an economy in expansion, and undergoing an explosion in the technology sector.

Even then, things weren't as good as they seemed, as some of the economic growth was due to a stock market bubble, and corporate fraud. That is Bill's true economic legacy: the illusion of a bubble and fraud.

We don't need to revisit the psychodrama of the 1990's. I may not agree with Obama on many issues, but fundamentally he seems to be a decent person, and one with far better instincts than the Clintons.

The sooner the Clintons are consigned to the dustbin of history the better for this country.