Thursday, March 06, 2008

Possessed: When Your Stuff Owns You

If this video doesn't inspire you to clean your room, nothing will...
'POSSESSED' enters the complicated worlds of four hoarders; people whose lives are dominated by their relationship to possessions. The film questions whether hoarding is a symptom of mental illness or a revolt against the material recklessness of consumerism. When does collecting become hoarding and why do possessions exert such an influence on our lives?

I literally started throwing things away immediately after watching this. My heart goes out to the people profiled in this video, especially the last man they interview.

POSSESSED from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

In Phil Graham's excellent essay, Stuff, he says that the epidemic of overconsumption is similar to that of obesity. As lower prices and higher wealth allow the average person to consume far more than ever before, people often consume more than they desire. That sounds right to me.

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