Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Than Pocket Protectors...

…that divide physics undergrads from their sociology-oriented peers.

Apparently, they’re much more likely to think ahead, too.

Thanks to a wonderfully kind Physics professor and his T.A., I was able to switch classrooms for my undergrad course this semester. Since we agreed on the arrangement only yesterday, we both planned on coming to our original classrooms today and switching beginning the next class. Unfortunately, the room assignment office made the switch at 8:30am - an hour before our classes.

This was no big deal for those who printed their schedules out before 8:30am, as they ended up in the right place. Those who didn’t check until they were heading out the door, however, ended up in the wrong room. It’s somewhat telling that half of my class (20 or so students) showed up 15 minutes into lecture because they’d gone to the wrong room and NOT ONE student left my room when I made the announcement that it wasn’t physics.

Now who’s to say one is better than the other? I’m just saying they’re different - and based on the small non-random sample, that difference seems significant.

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