Friday, February 01, 2008

Hillary Says She Can Control Bill?

That seems to be the question many in the media are now asking. With the media turning against her, that is not a good sign for the Clinton campaign. Her answers about her husband also do not come across well. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Here is more:

In an interview with Cynthia McFadden for ABC NEWS' "Nightline," tonight, Clinton apologized for her husband's recent controversial remarks.

"I think whatever he said, which was certainly never intended to cause any kind of offense to anyone. ... If it did give offenses, then I take responsibility, and I'm sorry about that."

McFadden asked, "Can you control him?"

"Oh, of course," Clinton replied.

Somehow that answer doesn't make her or Bill look very good.

Not only has the press abandoning Hillary, but Ted Kennedy did too. Now there is speculation Gore might be next:

Obama is now close enough to a big win that Gore’s endorsement could easily put him over the top. Gore is beloved among Democratic primary voters. His staunch denials have been unusually effective in tamping down speculation that he’ll endorse, so an announcement would be earthshaking and guaranteed to dominate the airwaves until the February 5 primaries. Take Tennessee, Gore’s home state, which could wind up making the difference. Democratic polling there is somewhat sparse, especially that done after John Edwards’s withdrawal. But Tennessee looks to be a state in which Clinton currently holds a lead—that is, unless a certain favorite son were to endorse her opponent.

Stay tuned. It is turning into an interesting campaign season indeed.

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