Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Democrats Vow To Block Out The Sun?

My classmate, David Youngberg:
Exit polls from Wisconsin tonight revealed that a 70% of Democrats believe "trade with other countries causes the loss of American jobs." Both candidates argue against outsourcing and support having more jobs kept in America. Competition with cheap foreign labor and goods seems to be a great evil for Democrats.

Perhaps soon we'll see Hillary and Obama blame the sun for its product that floods our nation's borders. A product it sells for free. Free! Think of all those jobs the sun's rays take away: we have fewer electrical engineers, lighting manufacturers, power plant designers, construction workers, steel workers, glass blowers, and so many others. If we are to take their economic argument seriously then we must entertain the value of ending our dependence on foreign light.

As much as I have reservations about John McCain, maybe the Democrats should concern me more?


Marcus said...

I believe Bastiat made that same argument a number of years ago:

Marcus said...

Whoops, I hadn't noticed you already linked to Bastiat. Please feel free to delete this and my previous post.