Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Uneducated Electorate = Democracy Lost

An outstanding video clip Richard Dreyfuss on the importance of educating America's youth about civil liberties, debate, and how to be independent thinkers:

Pete Boettke writes:

I don't know much about Dreyfuss's politics, and in this context I don't really care because the sentiments he expresses here are the same educational sentiments that I hold dearly and motivate me as a teacher.  It is about learning how to think, and from that, all else follows.

Here is a discussion of Dreyfuss's civics initiative. He refers to his current position as pre-partisan.  He wants to focus on the educational mission that gives students the tools to be informed participants within the democratic process.  James Buchanan has argued for a similar role for the economists within a democratic society --- to give students the tools of reasoning and understanding of evidence to be informed participants.

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