Friday, January 04, 2008

Top 5 Cheap Furniture Basics

Furniture for the space & budget conscious:
We've compiled this list of tried-and-true furniture basics that are under $500. Personally, we own a few of these and nearly everyone we know owns at least one of the items from our list. These all come from large retailers so they are accessible to nearly everyone. There is nothing flashy here, just simple designs that work in a variety of ways and complement a variety of styles...

11-14-expedit-bookshelf.jpg 11-14-parsons-desk.jpg 11-14-sapien-book-towers.jpg
While $500 doesn't sound particularly cheap on a grad student budget, these are definitely some good picks, particularly if you're (like me) living in a small space. I particularly like the Parsons Desk and Expedit bookshelf.

Once I get my field exam out of the way on January 9th, I hope to get out and do some furniture shopping...

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Angela said...

When living in a small space, furniture liked pictured is awesome. Plus I love the look of most of it. Napp and I loved shopping at IKEA when we lived in the DC area and still use many of their products. For me it's all about reducing clutter and keeping things looking organized and functional. Have fun shopping and good luck on your exam. - Angela