Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quickly Find Where Candidates Stand On The Issues

I have to confess, other than paying watching how well prediction markets work, I haven't been paying much attention to the presidential primaries. A friend recently asked me which candidate I prefered and I realized I know next to nothing about most of them. That's where 2decide can come in handy:

With the presidential primaries in full swing and all the politicking and media coverage that comes with it, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit uncertain about the actual issues the candidates claim to stand by.

Fortunately, has compiled a simple grid illustrating the candidates' positions on just about every conceivable topic (including breaking "Iraq War" into three separate subcategories). While I obviously haven't researched each of these points to determine if they're accurate, I believe it's a good-faith effort and could, at the very least, serve as a starting point for more in-depth research.

Hopefully this will save you some time in your quest for the perfect candidate. Or at least one who's pretty good. :)

On a side note, a plug to please get out there and vote. We live in a country where we have a lot of rights - people always seem to be touting and defending their rights. Lest we forget, we also have responsibilities. Instead of looking at voting as a right, maybe look at it as a responsibility. Just a thought.

Check it out. It looks like it gives a nice, visual summary of where the candidates stand on most major issues.


karuna said...

so which one do you prefer?

LivSimpl said...

I'm happy to see you liked the post enough to quote it/link to it. Thank you!