Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Natto, Please

When I used to take business trips to Japan, my Japanese co-workers always had fun trying to find food I wouldn't eat. I can proudly say they never succeeded. They were particularly surprised when I ate natto without complaint. Turns out natto not only smells, but it's good for you too:

Natto. This is on the list because, for one, it’s one of the few foods I’ve eaten that I truly don’t like. But mainly, it’s here because we’ve really messed up the way we eat soy. Natto is fermented soybeans and very popular in Japan, which is where I had it. It’s becoming more popular here and this is most likely due to its health benefits. Nearly all the soy options we’re offered in the U.S. are non-fermented. The list of health benefits of fermented soy is a mile long. It’s associated with reducing the risk of cancer, minimizing the likelihood of blood clotting, aiding digestion, increasing blood circulation, an improved immune system, improving bone density, lessening the likelihood of heart attacks, more vibrant skin, and reducing the chance of balding. And it also has strong antibiotic properties, among other things. So you might want to ditch the soy crisps, soy ice cream, and your iced soy mochas and add some natto to your diet.

Looks like my penchant for trying new foods just might help me live a little longer. On the other hand, they also got me to try fugu...

(HT Seth Roberts)

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