Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Living the Nomadic Life

These guys pack lighter than I do!

Tynan and Todd sold everything they owned, filled two small backpacks with the best gear and technology available, and set out to explore the world and find adventures.

To say that we packed light is an understatement. We packed super light. Someone recently told me a saying that stuck in my mind.

“No one ever wishes they packed heavier.”

So true. With fewer baggage comes more freedom, and that’s exactly what we’re after. Still, when Todd suggested that we take only a small backpack each, I thought he was crazy.

As we whittled down the list of stuff we’d need, though, it started to seem more and more possible.

Lots of the stuff we found ourselves, but we also got some inspiration from Tim Ferriss and Kevin Kelly.

So, without further ado, here is our final packing list.

Follow the link to see what they're bringing on their trip around the world. They are each carrying a backpack smaller than the one I use for school.

See my own packing tips here. I used these ideas to travel to 7 continents (including Antarctica) on my first passport with only carry-on luggage.

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