Friday, January 25, 2008

Law School Ranking by Starting Salaries

TaxProf Blog:

Among the interesting articles in the just-released January 2008 edition of The National Jurist is How Much Will You Earn?, by Ursula Furi-Perry:

Some 2008 Graduates will earn $160,000 in their first year. But while big firm salaries keep rising, most recent graduates will earn far less. Find out where your school places in terms of starting salaries, why big firm salaries are outpacing other employers, and why you might not want that $160,000-a-year job after all.

From the article:

The ... salary differences between large law firm associates and new lawyers at other employers are essentially creating two classes of recent law graduates: The haves and the have-nots.

And the differences can easily be seen on a school-by-school basis. While there are ten [actually, there are seventeen by NJ's figures] law schools with average starting salaries above $100,000, there are 58 with salaries of $60,000 or less.

Read the article linked to above.

George Mason's Law School average starting salary is $83,871. Not too bad, but far less than the $160,000 many law students have on their minds. I'm increasingly wondering if an MBA might be a better route for many people? It is one year less, has (generally) good prospects for career advancement, and a great background for anyone looking to go into business for themselves. If you are good at math and science, an engineering background plus an MBA is a very good combination that should open a lot of doors professionally. An engineering background and a law degree isn't a bad bet either.

Getting back to the article, here are the 25 law schools whose graduates earn the most and the least:


karuna said...

I think this article said that GMU grads earn around $85,000 or so, average. The thing is that I think the reason our salary is sorta lower than most top tier law schools is because a lot of our people go work for the government. So that brings it down. So people sorta self-select out of the big time jobs.

Michael Thomas said...

Here is information on Economists:

Angela said...

Wow, I always thought Harvard Law ranked at the very top.

Angela said...

and $85ish is quite a bit more than you'd make as a starting professor!

vishnuprasath said...

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