Thursday, January 10, 2008

Connie Williams (Walter Williams's Wife), RIP

I didn't know until after my field exam last night, but Walter Williams's wife passed away on December 29th:

From Professor Walter Williams: "It is with great sadness that I inform you that Connie, my friend of 50 years and my wife of nearly 48 years, died peacefully yesterday, December 29th. The day after Christmas she had a very minor fall. After the fall she said that she felt okay and we proceeded to eat dinner which went normally. After dinner she felt a bit strange and made an effort to get up from the chair. That was when the effect of the fall started taking place. Within a few minutes, she became totally verbally unresponsive. I called 911. The paramedics arrived quickly and she was helicoptered to University of Pennsylvania trauma center. It turned out that the fall was enough to cause a severe subdural hematoma. She underwent emergency surgery. The neurosurgeon’s prognosis both before and after the surgery was not promising at all. Devyn, who had just left to return to Los Angeles, where she now lives, returned the next day. Connie made me promise there would be no funeral or memorial services for her and I intend to abide by those wishes. She always said that our 35 years in our home in Devon, Pennsylvania, have been the happiest of her life. Therefore, her wish was to be cremated and her remains scattered about our property so that she will always be here. I have lost a dear wife and friend and the person whose partnership with me accounts for much of our success. Devyn has lost a loving mother. And you’ve lost a delightful friend."

This is very sad news indeed.  Professor Williams used to make a lot of jokes in class about making his wife shovel snow, how much he spoiled her, used her bad behavior for illustrating downward sloping demand curves, etc.  You could always tell through his teasing that he loved her deeply.

My prayers go out to Dr. Williams and his family.  May Mrs. Williams rest in peace.

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denise said...

So sorry to read the sad news. May she rest in peace. My love and admiration to you.