Saturday, March 04, 2006

28 Rules For Life I Learned On the Road

Written during my trip in New Zealand, August 2003.
  1. Travel lightly. The journey is so much more enjoyable that way.
  2. You never need as much as you think you do.
  3. A positive attitude is one of the most important things you can pack for any journey.
  4. The friends you make are more important than the souvenirs you bring home.
  5. Make the most of every opportunity.
  6. Expecting perfection will only leave you frustrated. Plan and do your best and then enjoy the outcome – even if it’s less than perfect.
  7. Take risks. You can experience so much more that way.
  8. Take time for rest – it makes the journey so much more enjoyable.
  9. The more flexible you are, the more of an adventure you can have.
  10. Leave room for spontaneity.
  11. People around the world are not all the same. That’s what makes them special.
  12. Americans aren’t the only ones who are proud of their country.
  13. Not everyone can understand English, regardless of how loudly and slowly you speak.
  14. Make time for reflection.
  15. Never forget your loved ones back home.
  16. Just because mom didn’t cook it growing up, doesn’t mean it’s bad to eat.
  17. Just because some people eat it, doesn’t mean it’s good.
  18. The differences between cultures are both bigger and smaller than we think.
  19. If you really want to understand somebody, listen more than you talk.
  20. Just because people drive on the wrong side of the road, doesn’t mean they’re backwards.
  21. Respect the heritage and beliefs of others without being ashamed of your own.
  22. Sometimes sharing cookies does more to solve the world’s problems than hours of debate.
  23. Just because someone else has a different perspective, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.
  24. Missing people is bittersweet.
  25. Never forget your underwear.
  26. Higher prices don’t always mean more fun.
  27. Regret about a decision you made is better than regret about never having made a decision.
  28. Relax – God’s with you wherever you go.

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